how to change car exhaust

Car exhaust:

its role The muffler performs three functions: exhausting the gases emitted by the engine, reducing the toxicity and temperature of the engine, and mitigating noise. The exhaust system of a car is only effective if it is waterproof. Otherwise, in addition to increased noise and pollution, harmful gases can enter the passenger compartment and endanger the occupants of the vehicle. A muffler in good condition and adapted to your vehicle allows to obtain the optimum efficiency of the engine to avoid the waste of fuel. Car exhaust: periodicity of verification The condition of the muffler should be checked at least once a year (or every 20,000 km). Leakage is easily controlled by passing hands along the exhaust pipe when the engine is running (without touching it as it heats). It is also necessary to check the condition of the rubber silent blocks and fastening clamps. They are the ones that keep all the elements in place, and thus guarantee a good seal during the assembly. As soon as an anomaly is detected, it is necessary to change the part concerned. Car exhaust: change At this stage, several possibilities are possible. You can order parts on the Internet or in-store and make your own work. This allows savings, but involves putting your hands in the sludge. Automotive centers offer parts and labor packages at attractive prices, but use adaptable parts whose service life can vary by brand. Finally, auto dealers replace the defective part with a 100% original part. This solution is the most costly, but guarantees to the owner of the vehicle that its muffler will hold in time

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