Car Hacks

How to change car wheel at home

Changing a wheel The ideal is to never have to do it, but it is necessary to note that it is useful to know how to change a wheel. Imagine a puncture happens during your driver’s license exam! Changing a wheel: the necessary equipment Flat tumble in the field, to …

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How to wash car at home.

How to wash car at home? The car is a useful and indispensable tool. Its maintenance can be expensive in water and toxic products. Here are some tricks to clean your car with non-polluting, cheap products that can be used for many other tasks, including housekeeping.Cleaning will be done from …

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How to paint car at home

How to paint a car at home? Paint car at home Painting is one of the most important things that must be done in order to keep the car shiny and clean. Today, this work is not as complicated as it was before, because of a variety of techniques and …

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