How to change car wheel at home

Changing a wheel

The ideal is to never have to do it, but it is necessary to note that it is useful to know how to change a wheel. Imagine a puncture happens during your driver’s license exam!

Changing a wheel: the necessary equipment

Flat tumble in the field, to change your wheel, you must have: A spare wheel: obvious, but not systematic. A jack. A suitable key. An anti-theft nut sleeve: The rims of modern cars are often tightened to the hub with nuts of specific size. This avoids theft, but it is necessary to have the adapter allowing to use a standard key on the nuts of your wheels. Safety vest and triangle

Changing a wheel: very simple if you follow the guide!

Changing a wheel is relatively simple, provided you have the minimum strength and follow the guide. A procedure can also be provided with the jack and the spare wheel.
Here are the steps, in order:
The vehicle must be positioned in a secure and clear area.
Tighten the parking brake and pass the 1st gear.
Make use of your safety triangle and put on your fluorescent vest.
Empty the trunk if necessary to lighten the vehicle and access the spare wheel, jack and key.
Secure the anti-theft bushing on the key and loosen all the nuts by about 2 turns of the key (after removing the cover or trim if necessary with the appropriate hardware).
This is done by turning it counterclockwise and may require a little force.Feel free to use your foot.Position the wheel on its axle. Tighten the nuts as far as possible with
the key in a clockwise direction. Operate the jack so that the vehicle returns to the ground (you can then fold and store the jack you will no longer need). Tighten all nuts 
securely. Tighten as hard as possible the nuts is useless. Instead, tighten them enough, but think about the next time you need to disassemble them. Store your wheel with the
punctured tire if the spare wheel space allows it, as well as the jack and the rest of the equipment: it's over! All you have to do is put the trim back on.
The maximum speed and the pressure and inflation are indicated on this wheel.

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