Information – Air Conditioning Compressor

Information – Air Conditioning Compressor

The automotive air conditioner – a waterproof system fills freon and a special compressor oil, dissolved in liquid freon. The oil is used to lubricate the compressor and certain parts of the system. The automotive compressor is the heart of the system, a fairly complex and accurate mechanism, and only works when the whole system is switched on. The air conditioning compressor automates, pumping, or circulating the refrigerant throughout the system. It draws in the refrigerant vapors from the evaporator surface and then flushes it into the condenser. In many modern systems, where the expansion tubes, the compressor and the only moving part of the system are used. The compressor is dusty, the presence of liquid freon in its suction part, lack of lubrication, high pressures and high temperatures. The accumulation of dirt in the system leads to rapid wear of the compressor and the impossibility of its repair. Which means, that its repair would consist in buying a new compressor. It happens that the compressor runs noiselessly apparent, does not hold, but inexplicably does not pump anymore.

The compressor can work well, but it is no longer sealed. More rarely there may be malfunctions of the safety valve. The air conditioning compressor is a complex mechanism, and in a number of cases, it would be simpler to buy a new one, as the replacement of expensive cumulative spirals of labor and time spent, point of view d economy, is not really effective.
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