How to paint car at home

How to paint a car at home?

Paint car at home

Painting is one of the most important things that must be done in order to keep the car shiny and clean. Today, this work is not as complicated as it was before, because of a variety of techniques and painting equipment. Paint the inside of a car is as important as the exterior, as it does contribute to the overall look of the car. You can get the interior of the car painted from a professional or can even think of it as a DIY project. If you are planning to do a DIY project, you should bear in mind a few important points. This will help you to do the job effectively and satisfactorily. Choose Interior Paint Colors If you happen to visit a car paint shop, you will be surprised to see the wide range of colors available. When it comes to choosing colors for the interior, you need to understand that the shades must match suitably with those applied externally. However, there are typical colors that look good regardless of the exterior paint. A good example may be black or gray. Also make sure that the color of the interior paint goes well with the car upholstery.

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In general, if the exterior is painted red, appropriate colors can be a combination of red and white. Read on for some tips on how to apply interior paint.Before you start doing the paint job, cleaning the interior must be carefully done. The first step is to take all the electronic removable accessories, and vents and buttons from the dashboard. After having taken them out properly, wash them with soap, and let dry in the sun or using a hair dryer. Now you have to get down dust and dirt from the remaining parts by brushing with a scrub. Before applying the masking tape, dry the inner parts. Apply ribbon where you do not want to apply masking paint. If the dashboard is made of plastic, use a sandpaper and rub it gently for primer to the protection on it. Wipe with alcohol, and clean with a dry cloth, making sure no residue is present on the inside parts. The next step would be to apply a quality primer from a reputed brand inside the car, so the paint can be secured to the surface. Make sure you choose the type of paint considering the surface that needs to be painted; such as vinyl dashboard paint for the dashboard or vinyl plastic paint for any plastic surface.Using paint spraying techniques, apply appropriate vinyl paints; bear in mind that the more layers, the darker the shadow. Recall that the nozzle spray gun should be 16 – 18 inches away from the surface when applying paint. Also check that you move the gun on the surface in a smooth forward and backward motion. You may even consider applying the paint to the upholstery. After painting is done, open the windows of the car, and let it dry naturally. In addition, you can even use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. After the paint is dry, install all the accessories back, and test if they work.

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