How to sell your car more expensive

How to sell your car more expensive?

For a handful of euros, you can add value to your car to better sell

The sale of your vehicle is fast approaching. The technical inspection was carried out as if on wheels and a buyer has already appeared. Not seduced by the technical and mechanical qualities of your car, it is also willing to pay the price you have set. Nothing is yet played because the customer will look very closely at the aesthetic qualities of the vehicle. And there, it must be confessed that the problem is: drinking tasks, superficial stripes and damaged rear-view mirrors are just one example of the general condition of your car, besides the bodywork, with its mud and tar stains , is worthy of a rally driver. “Not only is the buyer likely to be put off by the vehicle, but he can ask for a price reduction,” says Didier, a Midas garage mechanic. Presenting the utility at its best is therefore very important. The key: a faster sale and less negotiation on the price.
The external appearance. Essential step when presenting a car to a potential buyer, washing the bodywork. For 10 or 20 euros, you will be entitled to a complete treatment in a laundromat: washing with hot water, cold water, wiping and rinsing with wax. The other solution: elbow oil, more tiring but also more effective. A shampoo for car costs about 7 euros, as well as the polish “high gloss” which will allow you to admire your reflection on the bodywork. If your rims are extremely dirty, a “special liquid rim” will do the trick (10 euros) and White spirit (2 euros) can be useful to remove small tarred balls that have hung on the rocker. Naturally, rubbing vigorously does not serve anything, except to create even more mini-stripes. Prefer a 100% cotton glove (5 euros) to your faithful but obsolete dishwashing sponge. In spite of the passage of a blow of polish you find that some stripes are always tenacious, think the retouching pen available in a concession of the mark or in supermarkets (8 euros approximately). Use sparingly. Another solution: the professional. Having a garage repaired is possible, but the price is prohibitive, ranging from “200 euros for a door to more than 1000 euros for the whole car,” said one professional.

Total cost of body refurbishment

As important as the exterior appearance, the interior must be impeccable to make a good impression. Start by deodorizing the cabin with a deodorant and clean all fabric materials with a suitable cleaner, available in foam or spray. These two purchases will come back to you about 20 euros. For plastics, think of wet microfiber fabrics for dusting first and pre-soaked wipes to remove the tasks afterwards (4 euros). Changing carpets can be wise if they are too dirty or damaged. With 10 euros, you will find the ideal product in specialty shops. The goal is not to recreate a vehicle in your image, but simply to give it added value by making it more attractive at the time of sale. Free then to the buyer to make his own modifications if he wishes it “declared in Midas.


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