How to Set a Spoiler on a Racing Car

How to Set a Spoiler on a Racing Car

Adjusting the spoiler on a racing car involves adjusting the angle of the aileron to change the way it directs the air flow on the rear of the vehicle. Changing the angle of the rear spoiler on an Indy Car or a single seat racing style car is not complicated. Stock style car spoilers work in a similar way, but there are significant differences on how the adjustments are made.


1.  Locate the gimbals or nuts on each end of the rear wing or rear spoiler. They will be outside the back of the wing end plates in front of the end of the center element of the rear wing.

2. Loosen the fastener bolts in place.

3. Move the wing element to the desired
angle and tighten the bolts to the specification.

Tips and Warnings

Tighten the spec nuts,
otherwise the spoiler can move under high wind pressure.

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