How to wash car at home.

How to wash car at home?

The car is a useful and indispensable tool. Its maintenance can be expensive in water and toxic products. Here are some tricks to clean your car with non-polluting, cheap products that can be used for many other tasks, including housekeeping.Cleaning will be done from the top, down, so that the dust and dirt are cleaned completely.In a bowl of lukewarm water, fiat a little black knowledge.

On your dashboards, door trim … dust off, clean with this preparation then rinse with water and dry with a microfiber cloth.Cleaning will depend on the fabric covering the seats. If your seats are made of leather, they will first have to be dusted off. To wash them, it is possible to use black soap that must be rinsed well. Rich in olive oil, black soap will nourish the leather. It will still be wise to test beforehand on a hidden place. Then the cleaning will depend on the type of spot: the land of Premieres, for example, can do miracles on the spot of fat, urine. Plunge a non-abrasive wet sponge into a little sodium bicarbonate and gently rub your headlights with this natural product. Then rinse with clean water.


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